AGU (1987) History of Geophysics V.3

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History of Geophysics v.3


Edward R Landa and Simon Ince (Eds.)


History of Geophysics (Volume 3)


American Geophysical Union: Washington






The book is a compilation of papers presented at the first two symposia organised by the AGU Committee on the History and Heritage of Hydrology. The papers are:

M King Hubbert, Darcy's Law: its physical theory and application to entrapment of oil and gas

Luna B Leopold, The Alexandrian Equation

Bruce R Wheaton, The last word on science (also published as EoS 66:1181-1183, 1985)

Simon Ince, Some early attempts at theory formation in fluid mechanics

H O Pfannkuch, Medieval Saint Barbara worship and professional traditions in early mining and applied earth sciences

John E Costa, A history of paleoflood hydrology in the United States, 1800-1970 (also published as EoS, 67: 425, 428-430, 1986)

Peter C Patton, Measuring the rivers of the past: a history of fluvial plaeohydrology

C M Epstein, Discovery of the Aquifers of the New Jersey Coastal Plain in the Nineteenth Century

Edward R Landa, Early Twentieth-Century investigations of the radioactivity of waters in North America

Jeffrey S Hanor, History of though on the origin of subsurface sedimentary brines

Garrison Sposito, The "Physics" of soil physics (also published in Water Resources Research, 22: 83-88, 1986)

Jim Constanz, R E Moore and Yolo Light Clay

Herbert F Wang, Charles Sumner Slichter, - an engineer in mathematician's closing

Francis R Hall, Contributions of Robert E Horton

R G Slayback, Max Leggette, pioneer of hydrogeology consultants.



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