Binnie (1981) Early Victorian Water Engineers

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Victorian Water Engineers


G. M. Binnie


Early Victorian Water Engineers


Thomas Telford Ltd: London






The book sets out to provide more information on some of the pioneering engineers in the early 19th Century who developed water supply and waste water systems in the UK and elsewhere but who are less well known than some of the pre-Victorian engineers (Smeaton, Telford, George Stephenson, Rennie and Jessop) and contemporaries such as Robert Stephenson and I. K. Brunel who achieved fame because of the great public interest in the development of the railways.

1. The underground revolution

2. The rise and fall of the Board of Health

3. The Leathers and the Leeds Water Supply Company

4. George Leather (1787-1870) and the collapse of the Bilberry Dam

5. James Simpson (1799-1869) (The Chelsea and Lambeth Waterworks Companies, the Newcastle Waterworks, The Bristol and York Waterworks Companies, Other Works)

6. James Leslie (1801-1889) (The Edinburgh Waterworks and the Dundee Waterworks)

7. John Wignall Leather (1810-1887) and the Bradford Waterworks

8. Thomas Hawksley FRS (1807-1893) Nottingham and other pumped water supply schemes; L:Liverpool Waterworks, other impounding schemes)

9. J F La Trobe Bateman FRS (1810-1889) (Early works and repair of the Bilberry Dam, The Manchester Waterworks, The Glasgow Waterworks and other schemes)

10. Sir Robert Rawlinson (1810 - 1898) and the Swansea Corporation Waterworks

11. Henry Conybeare (? - 1894) and the Bombay Waterworks

12. Matthew B. Jackson (1825-?) and the Melbourne Waterworks

13. John Towlerton Leather (1804-1885) and the collapse of the Dale Dyke Dam.

with an Appendix on the particulars of Dams.