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Wojciech Chełmicki 10.29.1952 (Poland) - 10.01.2011 (Luxembourg)


Professor Chelmicki was one of the most outstanding Polish contemporary hydrologists. He fulfilled his 31-year career at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Management of the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland, where since 1995 he was the head of the Department of Hydrology. Besides being the National Correspondent of the Steering Committee of the European Network of Experimental and Representative Basins, he also was a member of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences. Moreover, he was chairman of the editorial boards of journals: Folia Geographica, Series Geographica-Physica and Studies in Geography. Professor Chełmicki was also a member of the National Council of Water Management, the Hydrology section of the Water Management Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Committee of Geographical Sciences, the Committee of the Hydrology of the Polish Geographical Society, and the Polish Geophysical Society.

He received his PhD in geographical sciences in1982 for his thesis titled The water cycle in the steppe zone of Mongolia, which dealt with his hydrological research carried out during three scientific expeditions to Mongolia from 1976 to 1978, organized by the Polish Academy of Sciences. He received his postdoctoral degree in 1993 on the basis of thesis Regime of shallow groundwater in Poland. He had long-term scholarships at the University of Wisconsin, State University of New York in Buffalo and the Appallachian State University.

The scientific achievements of Professor Wojciech Chełmicki embrace about 150 publications, including 5 books. He also edited several volumes of books and journals. Professor Wojciech Chełmicki had very broad research interests that were not only related to hydrology and hydrogeology, but also to hydrochemistry, geomorphology, environmental protection and cultural geography. He was the author of the handbook Water. Resources, degradation, conservation (2001) that is widely used at Polish universities.

Professor Wojciech Chełmicki promoted about 50 masters and four PhD students, as well as supervising several habilitation theses. He initiated many research projects - including ministerial grants - and projects at national and international levels. He was the head of the organizing committee of the international 12th Biennial ERB Conference Hydrological extremes in small basins, which was held in Cracow, Poland from 18th to 20th September 2008. The event was convened jointly by the Euromediterranean Network of Experimental and Representative Basins (ERB), IHP/UNESCO North European FRIEND Project 5, IAHS Prediction in Ungauged Basin (PUB) and the Institute of Geography and Spatial Management at Jagiellonian University. It was attended by 109 participants from 21 countries. For his scientific and organizing activities, Professor Wojciech Chełmicki received the Minister of Science and Higher Education award and several awards from the Rector of the Jagiellonian University.

His scientific achievements testify his great diligence and integrity. His immense passion and inflexibility eventually contributed to the funding of a ministerial grant on Natural and anthropogenic changes of springs at the Cracow-Wielun and Miechowska uplands and their role in the natural and cultural landscape. Fieldwork related to this project had started only one month before his death. Despite some health restrictions, Professor Wojciech Chełmicki had been actively involved in these field activities.

Professor Wojciech Chełmicki died during an official trip to Luxembourg at the age of 58. An outstanding researcher has left us, an extraordinary man, demanding of others, but above all and first and foremost - demanding of himself. We have lost an eminent hydrologist, a distinguished academic teacher, a very honest man, attentive, enjoying the universal respect and authority and a man very kind to others. What will remain is the fond memory of those who knew him.

Joanna Pociask-Karteczka

Hydrological Achievements[edit]

Studies of groundwater and groundwater quality in Poland. Active internationally in the UNESCO Experimental and Representative Basins programme

Reference Material[edit]

Obituary by Joanna Pociask-Karteczka in the ERB Newsletter

Major Publications[edit]

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History of the Department of Hydrology, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland