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Jean Cunge

Jean Cunge is a French hydraulics engineer known for his contributions to the field of numerical modelling and simulation of open channel flows.


Dr.-Ing, Analyse Numerique (Universite Joseph Fourier (Grenoble I) (1966)

DIC, Space Structures, Imperial College London (1958)

M.S. (Hydraulics), Warsaw University of Technology (1956)

Recent Activity[edit]

Until 2019, he had an active social media presence in LinkedIn, and engaged in technical debates with hydraulics engineering practitioners. He passionately advocated against calibrating manning's n, and instead encouraged the use of field knowledge. He argued that it is often better to accept a bad model and investigate the causes for its poor performance, rather than calibrating the model. Many of his other comments on Linkedin capture the essence of his decades of knowledge and opinions related to modeling practices.

He collaborated with Alexandre Preissmann as one of the co-founders of the SHE project, and later at the Société Grenobloise d'Etudes et d'Appli-cations Hydrauliques (SOGREAH). His work at SOGREAH was conducted in collaboration with his junior colleagues, especially, Jacques Zaoui.

Selected Publications[edit]

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