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David Russell Dawdy 1926 - 2020 (San Francisco)


Dave Dawdy was a distinguished hydrologist, with over 60 years of experience in research, teaching and consulting. He began his career at the USGS surface water branch in 1951, working with Luna Leopold and Walter Langbein.

After his retirement from the USGS he worked as Chief Hydrologist for Multech Engineering Consultants of San Jose, California, and the University of San Francisco

Hydrological Achievements[edit]

Dave Dawdy made fundamental contributions to many topics in hydrology, including flood frequency analysis, hydrologic modeling, worth of hydrologic data and data network design for various water resource inventory purposes as well as scientific hypothesis testing, characterizing resistance to flow in alluvial channels, mapping flood hazard zones on alluvial fans, and urban hydrologic modeling practice.

The author of over 100 papers in hydrology, he has received numerous honors, including the Ven Te Chow Award and the Arid Lands Hydraulic Engineering Award from the ASCE, and the Ray K. Linsley Award from the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH), and was named a Fellow of the AGU in 1990. He has served on the AGU committees on surface water, sedimentation and the history of hydrology, and served for 12 years on the editorial board of the AGU Water Resources Monograph Series. He was instrumental in initiating the AGU History of Hydrology Interview series starting in 1995 (see AGU Virtual Hydrologists Project). David Dawdy received a MS in Statistics from Stanford University and a BA in History from Trinity University, and was on the faculty of the Civil Engineering Department at Colorado State University.


Keith Beven writes: It was always interesting to discuss hydrological processes and hydrological modelling with Dave. He gave me a real hard time after my very first talk at an international conference in Fort Collins when I was presenting the first application of Topmodel. He could not see how the topographic index (with all the manual analysis required in those pre-DTM times) could adequately represent the hydrology. (Incidentally, a generation later, he also gave a hard time to my post-doc Jim Freer at his first international conference - though that had more to do with the colour scheme of his powerpoint presentation!!). I sort of got my own back at the NATO Advance Workshop in Sintra in Portugal in 1989, where he gave a talk about driving round an engaged catchment, estimating the roughness of the surfaces, using a soil map to estimate hydraulic conductivities, and then getting good results from an infiltration excess model. To illustrate the importance of uncertainty in such an exercise I suggest taking a coach load of hydrological monkeys around the catchment, selected from the best graduate schools, and allowing them each to make estimates of roughness and conductivities. We could also take their professors around to mark those estimates and give them a weight of plausibility - and then run those all through the model. He gracefully accepted that this might result in more realistic bounds for the potential response - but also made the point that long experience in the field was really important.

Reference Material[edit]

Dave Dawdy AGU page can be found here. This has links to online versions of many of the paper and was based on material prepared by Leonard Sklar and Steve Burges

Selected Publications[edit]

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Dave Dawdy can be seen interviewing Jim Dooge here

He can also be seen interviewing Terrence O'Donnell here