Dooge (1974) Development of Hydrological Concepts

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J C I Dooge, 1974, THE DEVELOPMENT OF HYDROLOGICAL CONCEPTS IN BRITAIN AND IRELAND BETWEEN 1674 AND 1874, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 19(3):279-302, DOI: 10.1080/02626667409493917


Concentrates on 17th to 19th Century in the context of the celebration of 300 years of quantitative hydrology celebrated in Paris in 1974 (as discussing the last century would have required too much compression), and in particular the contributions of Edmund Halley (1687 paper on evaporation and runoff) and 1691 paper on the origins of springs), John Dalton (1802 papers on the regional water balance and origin of springs, and theory of evaporation), Robert Manning (1851 paper on estimation of maximum discharges) and Thomas Mulvaney (1851, rational theory for estimation of peak discharges) .



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