Elements of Hydrology, 1917

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The Elements of Hydrology

Authors, Editions, Dates[edit]

Adolph Frederick Meyer, 1917

Publisher, Place[edit]

John Wiley and Sons: New York

Chapman and Hall: London





I. Introduction

II. The Atmosphere, Its temperature, pressure and circulation

III. Water: Its various states and their properties

IV. Precipitation: Its occurrence and distribution

V. Evaporation and water surfaces

VI. Evaporation from land areas

VII. Transpiration

VIII. Deep seepage

IX. Runoff

- Surface flow

- Seepage flow

- Runoff from Typical Watersheds

- The flood flow of streams

- Data relating to some of the most severe floods

- Low water flow of streams

X. Stream-flow data

XI. Supplementing stream-flow data

XII. Modification of stream-flow by storage

Note to teachers of hydrology


The Elements of Hydrology