Elements of Physical Hydrology, 1998

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Elements of Physical Hydrology


1st edition, George M. Hornberger, Jeffrey P. Raffensperger, Patricia L. Wiberg and Keith N Eshelman 2nd Edition, George M. Hornberger, Jeffrey P. Raffensperger, Patricia L. Wiberg, Keith N Eshelman and Paolo D'Odorico

Editions, Dates[edit]

1st edition, 1998 2nd edition, 2014

Publisher, Place[edit]

Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD, USE


1st edition, 0801858569 2nd edition, 9781421413730


1. The Science of Hydrology

2. Catchment Hydrology: Land-Atmosphere Interactions

3. The basis for analysis in physical hydrology: Principles of Fluid Dynamics

4. Open Channel Hydraulics

5. Catchment Hydrology: Streams and Floods

6. Groundwater Hydraulics

7. Groundwater Hydrology

8. Water in the Unsaturated Zone

9. Catchment Hydrology: The Hillslope-Stream Continuum

10. Connections

Appendix 1: Units, Dimensions and Conversions

Appendic 2: Properties of Water

Appendix 3: Basic Statistics in Hydrology


Elements of Physical Hydrology at Johns Hopkins Press