Flood Estimation and Control (1944)

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Flood Estimation and Control


Flood Estimation and Control

Authors, Editions, Dates[edit]

Bertram Darrell Richards, 1944

Publisher, Place[edit]

Chapman and Hall: London




From the Preface: "Floods undoubtedly follow certain natural laws, but the number and complexity of the factors involved and the interplay between them make precise estimation impossible, and the subject of flood prediction has long been one of the perennial problems of civil engineering.

One of the main purposes of the current book is to analyse in detail the principal factors affecting flood discharge and to assess the relative importance of these factors and the effect of their interconnection."

I. Introduction

II. Factors affecting the intensity, duration and discharge of floods

III. Flood formulas

IV. Rainfall

V. Period of concentration, intensity and runoff of the flood

VI. The coefficients of flood estimation

VII. Rise and fall of the flood: flood hydrography

VIII. The effect of variations in the intensity and distribution of the rainfall on the flood hydrography

IX. Effect on the flood hydrography of variations in the coefficients of slope and run-off of the catchment

X. Flood estimation: Summary

XI. Flood control. Regulating reservoirs and flood storage basins.

XII. Floods in relation to soil erosion.

XIII. Examples of flood calculations.