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Jean-Charles Fontes


Jean-Charles Fonte 1936 (France) - 1994 (Mali)


Professor Fontes was a former student of the Ecole Normale Sup+rieure at Saint-Cloud. His stay during the early 1960s at the Laboratorio di Geologia Nucleare in Pisa represented a turning point in his scientific development. This laboratory was one of the most important centers for isotope geology in Europe and was host to many isotope geochemists active at that time. He became a full Professor at the University of Paris-Sud in 1984 and was elevated to 'classe exceptionnelle' at the same University in 1992. At the end of 1993 he took leave of absence from the University to become Head of the Isotope Hydrology Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. He was well known to the United Nations as he had acted on about 30 occasions as an expert for the IAEA, UNESCO, UNDP and the WMO.

Whilst a French National, he was, in reality, a citizen of the world. Through his distinguished career he was involved in more than 40 major missions and joint studies in North Africa, the Middle East, Far East, South Africa, South America, North America, Australia and of course Europe. His wide travels are certainly not the only reason for his enormous impact on geochemistry in the last two decades.

His keen intellect, great wit and intellectual cunning made him an exciting and influential collaborator. His infectious enthusiasm for his science was such that highly motivated research teams developed around him wherever he worked. He was one of the truly great geochemists of his time. His prodigious output is evidenced by the fact that he was the author of around 300 publications, around 200 of these in refereed journals. He was also responsible as co-editor with Peter Fritz for the landmark publication Handbook of Environmental Isotope Geochemistry. His influence continues through the many students who are now working in different countries.

His strong influence around the Globe was matched by his influence on science in France. He was Head of a CNRS Research Unit, a Member of the National Committee of CNRS and a Member of one of ORSTOM's scientific committees.

Apart from being on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Hydrology, he was also a member of the Editorial panels of five other international journals. The IAEA has lost a dynamic leader. The University of Paris Sud has lost one of its best Professors, the world a truly great geochemist and most importantly, to those of us fortunate enough to have worked with him, a close friend and exciting colleague.

Professor Jean-Charles Fontes tragically died as a result of a road accident in Mali in February 1994

Hydrological Achievements[edit]

Prof. Fontes made valuable scientific contributions to the use of isotopes in hydrology and palaeohydrology, including his leading role as Head of the Isotope Hydrology Section of the IAEA in Vienna.

Reference Material[edit]

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Major Publications[edit]


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