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Kenneth John (Ken) Gregory (1938 – 2020)


Ken Gregory gained his PhD in Physical Geography from University College London in 1962, for a thesis on the geomorphology of the North York Moors, and was appointed that year as a Lecturer in Geography at the University of Exeter (1962-1972) and later as Reader (1972-1976). Whilst at Exeter he completely revitalised studies of the geomorphology of SW England from Dartmoor to the Exe Valley. He also started his long list of postgraduates, many of which have gone on to be leading geomorphologists and influential scientists in their own right. His career at Southampton started in 1976 as the first professor of Physical Geography, going on to be Head of Department (1978-83), Dean of Science (1984-1987) and Deputy Vice Chancellor (1988-1992). He was appointed Warden of Goldsmiths University of London in 1992 and retired in 1998.

He served as Honorary Secretary (1974–77) and Chair (1985–86) of the British Geomorphological Research Group (BGRG), the earlier role coinciding with the time when the BGRG’s own journal was launched (initially Earth Surface Processes, with and Landforms being added later). When the BGRG became the British Society for Geomorphology (BSG) in 2006, Ken was the obvious choice to be the inaugural President (2008–14), whereupon he actively promoted the society, not least through modernisation of its Constitution.

Hydrological Achievements[edit]

Ken was a fluvial geomorphologist who made important contribution to the study of hydrological processes. His PhD thesis (‘Contribution to the Geomorphology of the North York Moors’) was a detailed and meticulous study that built on landscape interpretation approaches that were prevalent at the time but, quite radically, also began to integrate process-based understanding. During the necessary fieldwork, Ken’s interests in drainage networks and rivers started to evolve, as reflected in some of his earliest publications.

He was a leading scientist in the new quantitative geomorphology from the mid-1960s onwards. His book Drainage Basin Form and Process: A Geomorphological Approach (Wiley, 1973) co-written with one of this first students, Des Walling (Exeter University), was, and in many ways remains, the standard text on catchment geomorphology; habitually referred to as ‘Gregory and Walling’. It was a key volume in the transformation of British geomorphology from a descriptive study of landforms to a modern, quantitative, science. Whilst at Southampton he virtually invented ‘palaeohydrology’ as a sub-discipline in Europe.

Ken’s interests were wide including hydrology, slope processes, river channels, biogeomorphology, floods and more unusually the philosophy and history of the discipline about which he wrote extensively. He devoted much of his time to promoting geomorphology in areas of engineering and environmental policy, by for example editing The Fluvial Geomorphology of Great Britain for the Joint Nature Conservation Committee Geological Conservation Review Series (Springer, 1997). That geomorphology, and especially fluvial geomorphology, grew in stature in the 1970s-1990s was in large part due to Ken Gregory. He was still writing into his 80s with his last book being The Basics of Geomorphology (Sage, 2014) jointly written with John Lewin.

Ken had an international perspective and was President of the International Quaternary Union (INQUA) Commission on Global Continental Palaeohydrology (1979-1989). Through this project he developed strong geomorphological links with the then USSR, Poland, Scandinavia, and the USA. Ken was also instrumental in the development of remote sensing within the academic discipline of Geography having started using Landsat in the late 1970s he realised that satellite remote sensing was a growth area and particularly important for the future of Geography at Southampton.

He was also intimately involved with British Geomorphology through the British Geomorphological Research Group (BGRG) founded in 1960 (later serving with distinction as the President of the British Society for Geomorphology from 2008-2014, from which the BGRG had evolved) and the development of strong publishing links including establishing its own journal in 1977 (Earth Surface Processes). He was Chair of the organising committee for the 30th International Geographical Congress in Glasgow in 2004, Chair of the Final Assessors for Chartered Geographer (2004-2014), and Deputy Chair of Governors at Southampton Solent University (1999-2007) and of Council at Brunel University (2010-2018).

Ken was appointed CBE in 2007 for services to geography and higher education, has honorary degrees from the Universities of Southampton, Birmingham, Greenwich and Southampton Solent University, is a Fellow of University College London and of Goldsmiths University of London and received the Founders Medal of the Royal Geographical Society in 1993 and was granted an Honorary Fellowship in 2015.


Reference Material[edit]

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Selected Publications[edit]


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