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Heggie Nordahl (H. N.) Holtan

Dates (Stoughton, WI, USA) - 20.3.2006 (Vero Beach FL, USA)


Heggie (H.N.) Holtan,, the youngest of 13 children of a large Norwegian farm family. Although initially trained to teach physical education, he pursued an engineering career in hydrology. He championed the creation of the Hydrograph Laboratory at the National Agricultural Research Center to collect and correlate field data from all over the United States into a central database, and he developed an infiltration equation that predicted rainfall absorption and flood runoff for various soils and terrains. He remained as director of the lab until his retirement in 1974 after 42 years of service. He published many research papers, and was invited to speak at conferences all over the world. He was a founding member of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Laurel, MD. In 1981 he moved to Vero Beach, where he gave generously of his time and talents to many volunteer projects.

Hydrological Achievements

As well as leading the USDA Hydrology Laboratory, Holtan made significant contributions to the infiltration theory concept of runoff generation (including being amongst the first to use a time compression assumption), to establishing good practice in hydrological observations (Holtan et al., 1962) and to the early days of hydrological modelling (Holtan and Overton, 1964; Holtan and Lopez, 1971). He introduced an infltration equation in that was one of the first to make infiltration capacity dependant on storage capacity and cumulative nifdltration (Holtan, 1961) He was instrumental in establishing a USDA database of many thousands of soil hydrological characteristics (Holtan et al., 1968) that was later used in many studies of peso-transfer functions.


Reference Material

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