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W W Horner


Wesley Winans Horner 1883 (Columbia, MO, USA) - 1958 (St. Louis, MO, USA)


W W Horner studied at Washington University in St. Louise and graduated with a BSE degree in 1905. He joined the City of St. Louis as an assistant engineer, becoming Chief Engineer in 1919 where he stayed until 1932. He then became a consultant and senior partner in Horner and Shifrin based in St. Louis until he retired. During the period 1934 to 1942 he was also lecturer and later professor of sanitary and hydraulic engineering at Washington University.

He was a member of the American Geophysical Union and the American Public Works Association, serving as president in 1923. He was also active in the American Society of Civil Engineers, serving as director in 1933 and President in 1946. He received the 1937 Rudolph Hering Medal for his 1936 paper in the Trans. ASCE, and the 1955 Gold Achievement Award of the Engineers Club of St. Louis. He was awarded a handy doctorate in engineering from Washington University in 1952.

The Wesley W. Horner Award was instituted in 1968 by the Sanitary Engineering Division (now the Environmental and Water Resources institute) of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and is endowed by Horner Shifrin, Inc. and the family of Wesley W. Horner, Past President of the Society

Hydrological Achievements[edit]

He was an expert in sewer design and developed the rational method for sewer design in 1913. He also contributed to culvert hydraulics.

Reference Material[edit]

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Major Publications[edit]

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ASCE Wesley Winans Horner Award