Hydrologi i Praksis, 1971

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Hydrologi i Praksis (Hydrology in Practice)

Authors, Editions, Dates[edit]

Jakob Otnes and Erik Raestad (eds). 1st edition 1971, 2nd edition 1978

Publisher, Place[edit]

Ingeniørforlaget A/S, Oslo.





Chapter 1 explains the hydrological cycle and the science of hydrology and its development.

Chapter 2 treats the different hydro- logical elements. Particular attention is devoted to precipitation, evaporation, surface water, groundwater, -sediment transport, and snow and ice.

Chapter 3 is concerned with analysis, the authors not only review the older basic hydrological methods, but also describe in some detail the more recent developments in stochastic analysis and machine data processing.

Chapter 4 gives valuable examples on applied hydrology including treatment of the difficult problem of small basins and urban hydrology.

A small but inclusive chapter is devoted to water legislation, institutional and organizational arrangements of Norwegian hydrology and water resources.

An exhaustive list of references to Nordic articles and papers on hydrology are listed at the end of the publication in addition to references to international literature.


Review by O M Melder in Hydrological Sciences Journal