Hydrology Section, American Geophysical Union

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1930 -


An article about the formation of the Hydrology Section of the American Geophysical Union, written by Oscar Meinzer, can be found here

From that article:

"At the annual meeting in May 1930 a Section of Hydrology was authorized to conform to the Section of Scientific Hydrology of the International Union. A meeting of the members of the Union who expressed their desire to be affiliated with the new Section of Hydrology was held at the National Research Council in Wash­ington, D. C.,on November 15, 1930. At this meeting the following officers were elected: Chairman, 0. E. Meinzer; Vice-Chairman, R. E. Horton; Secretary, H. N. Eaton. An executive committee was created consisting of the three officers together with such other members as the Chairman might select. Subsequently N. C. Grover and W. W. McLaughlin were added to the committee."

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