Liu Guowei et al. (2021) The Draft of Ancient Chinese Hydrology

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Liu Guowei(1939-)


The Draft of Ancient Chinese Hydrology(中国古代水文史稿)


Science Press, Beijng, China


First Edition






This book is the first monograph on ancient Chinese hydrology, spanning from about 2000 BC to the end of the 19th century. The author excavated a wealth of ancient hydrological information from a large number of ancient documents and archaeological materials, and sorted them into topics such as research on the Dayu's Flood Control, speculation on water in ancient China, scholars on water, hydrological observation in ancient China, and understanding of rivers in ancient China. The book Expounds the formation and development of knowledge on above topics, and highlights the contribution of ancient China to hydrological science.



Chapter 1 The Examination of Dayu's Flood Control (Page 1)

1.1 Introduction (Page 1)

1.2 The formation of The Chinese Nation (Page 2)

1.3 The Rise of The Xia Dynasty and Dayu and His People (Page 6)

1.4 Productivity of Xia Dynasty—Analysis of Dayu’s Flood Control Ability (Page 22)

1.5 Flood Research (Page 31)

1.6 Dayu's Flood Control Activities (Page 41)

1.7 The Surplus Discussion (Page 49)

Chapter 2 Speculation on Water In Ancient China (Page 56)

2.1 What Is Water? (Page 56)

2.2 Hydrological Cycle (Page 61)

2.3 Tides (Page 74)

Chapter 3 The Masters on Water (Page 83)

3.1 Stillness and Motion (Page 84)

3.2 Deep and Shallow (Page 86)

3.3 Softness and Rigidity (Page 87)

3.4 Profits and Losses and Falsehoods (Page 88)

3.5 Degrees and The Mean (Page 90)

3.6 The Trickle and The Sea (Page 92)

3.7 one Water Feeds one Person (Page 94)

3.8 The Highest Good Is Like Water (Page 96)

3.9 The Wise Man Enjoys Water (Page 98)

3.10 Carrying The Boat and Capsizing The Boat (Page 101)

3.11 The Surplus Discussion (Page 103)

Chapter 4 Hydrological Observations In Ancient China (Page 104)

4.1 Precipitation and Evaporation Observations In Ancient China (Page 104)

4.2 Water Stage Observation In Ancient China (Page 121)

4.3 Flow and Sediment Observations In Ancient China (Page 144)

Chapter 5 The Ancient Chinese Understanding of Rivers (Page 156)

5.1 The Biography of Emperor Mu—The Earliest Account of Rivers In China (Page 156)

5.2 Guanzi·Dudi—The Earliest Classification of Rivers In China (Page 158)

5.3 "Yugong" - The Earliest Conception of Water System and River (Page 158)

5.4 "Historical Records: Hequshu(The Book on River and Canal)" - The Earliest Account of The Diversion of The Yellow River and The Strategy for River Management (Page 160)

5.5 "Han Shu·Gouxu Zhi" (" River and Canal Records of the History of the Han Dynasty")and "Han Shu·Dili Zhi"(Geographical Records of the History of the Han Dynasty) - Rivers From The Perspective of Geography (Page 162)

5.6 History of The Song Dynasty: History of The River Canal - Named The "Yellow River" for The First Time and Investigated The Source of The River (Page 165)

5.7 "Shui Jing Zhu"—Annotating The Longitude and Latitude of A Thousand Rivers (Page 167)

5.8 Investigation of The Source of The Yellow River - Researching The Source of The Yellow River (Page 170)

5.9 The Investigation of The Source of The Yangtze River - Researching The Source of The Yangtze River (Page 178)

Appendix 1 The Main Ancient Documents Referred To and Cited In This Book (Page 183)

Appendix II A Brief History of Hydrometry In The 20th Century In China (Page 188)


Draft; Ancient Chinese; Hydrology