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Fritz Müller 1926 (Sünikon, Steinmaur, Zurich, Switzerland)_ - 1980 (Rhone Glacier, Switzerland)


Prof. Dr Fritz Muller's died on 26 July 1980 during a field excursion on the Rhone Glacier where he and his students had recently established a new field programme of glaciological and hydrological studies. To the very end he showed much enthusiasm for research in earth science and had the capacity for inspiring his colleagues and young scientists.

Professor Muller's academic career began in 1954, when he graduated in Geography and Geology at the University of Zurich and took part in Dr Lauge Koch's Danish East Greenland Expeditions. In 1956 he became a scientific member of the Swiss Mt Everest Expedition, which moved him definitely to concentrate his scientific life on research in' the field of cold region hydrology.

More than 100 titles of publications provide proof of his endeavours, not only to observe and analyse, but also to bring the findings to the attention of the scientific world. It all started with his studies on pingos, a special feature of water and frost action in the Arctic. In 1959 he was appointed as Scientific Leader of the Jacobsen-McGill University (Montreal) Expeditions to Axel Heiberg Island, Northwest Territories. This was the decisive chance which greatly determined his scientific life and which allowed him to develop his outstanding capabilities to organize expeditions and research work in the Canadian Arctic.

After 1961 he became an Associate Professor of Glaciology at McGill University. The numerous scientific observations and results achieved by him and his many collaborators reveal the hard and extensive work carried out throughout these years. The Axel Heiberg Research Program, directed by Fritz Muller, focussed upon snow and ice, the determinative hydrological factors in these regions. It covered the broad range of glaciology including topics specifically of interest to hydrology such as heat balance, accumulation, ablation of snow and ice, water flow through the glacier, and water balance.

In 1970, when he returned to Zurich as Professor of Geography and Glaciology and became Head of the Institute of Geography at the Federal Institute of Technology, he was able to continue his Arctic research activities. It was even possible for him and his group to engage in another very interesting long-term project, the glacio-climatological investigation of the North Water Polynya in Northern Baffin Bay.

In 1976 the Glacier Inventory of the Swiss Alps was completed and published under his leadership. At the same time Fritz Muller took over the Temporary Technical Secretariat for the UNESCO/UNEP/IAHS Project of a World Glacier Inventory. Parallel to this mandate, he was appointed as Director of the International Permanent Service on the Fluctuations of Glaciers (IAHS/IUGG-FAGS/ICSU). Besides these international activities, Prof. Muller was responsible for organizing his institute and teaching his students, which he did with the same personal persuasive power and enthusiasm.

Professor Fritz Muller's name is recorded in the "Miiller Ice Cap" on Axel Heiberg Island in memory of his achievements in the exploration of the Arctic. In 1981 the Müller ice shelf to the southwest of Hooke Point in southwest Lallemand Fjord, Arrowsmith Peninsula, Loubet Coast, Antractic Peninsular was named by the United Kingdom Antarctic Place-Names Committee (UK-APC) in memory of Fritz Muller

Hydrological Achievements[edit]

A pioneer in glacial and periglacial studies in Switzerland and the Arctic. Coordinator of the glacier inventory pf the Swiss Alps and technical secretary of the UNESCO/UNEP/IAHS world glacier inventory

Reference Material[edit]

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Major Publications[edit]

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