Mather (2004) 200 Years of British Hydrogeology

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200 years of British Hydrogeology


J D Mather (Editor)


200 Years of British Hydrogeology

Geological Society, London, Special Publication 225


The Geological Society: London






Most of the papers presented at a Geological Society Meeting in December 2002.

MATHER,J. D. 200 Years of British hydrogeology- an introduction and overview

TORRENS,H. S. The water-related work of William Smith (1769-1839)

PRICE, M. Dr John Snow and an early investigation of groundwater contamination

GEORGE,W. H. William Whitaker (1836-1925) - geologist, bibliographer and a pioneer of British hydrogeology

MATHER,J. D., TORRENS,H.S. & LUCAS,K. J. Joseph Lucas (1846-1926) -Victorian polymath and a key figure in the developmentof British hydrogeology

TELLAM,J. H. 19th century studies of the hydrogeology of the Permo-Triassic Sandstones of the northern Cheshire Basin, England

PREENE,M. Robert Stephenson (1803-1859) - the first groundwater engineer

YOUNGER,E L. 'Making water': the hydrogeologicaladventures of Britain's early mining engineers

ROSE, E. R F. The contribution of geologists to the development of emergency groundwater supplies by the British army

ROBINS,N. S., BENNETT,J. R. R & CUI~LEN,K. T. Groundwater versus surface water in Scotland and Ireland - the formative years

EDMUNDS,W. M. Bath thermal waters: 400 years in the history of geochemistry and hydrogeology

FULLER,J. G. C. M. Chalybeate springs at Tunbridge Wells: site of a 17th-century New Town

SPENCE,I. M. & ROBINS,N. S. The Scottish hydropathic establishments and their use of groundwater

LLOYD,J. W. British hydrogeologists in North Africa and the Middle East - an historical perspective

HAZELL,R. British hydrogeologistsin West Africa - an historical evaluation of their role and contribution

ROSE, E. P. F., MATHER,J. D. & PEREZ,M. British attempts to develop groundwater and water supply on Gibraltar 1800-1985

BARKER,R. D. The first use of geophysics in borehole siting in hardrock areas of Africa

DOWNING, R. A. The developmentof groundwater in the UK between 1935 and 1965 - the role of the Geological Survey of Great Britain

DOWNING,R. A. & GRAY,D. A. Jack Ineson (1917-1970). The instigator of quantitative hydrogeology in Britain

GRAY,D. A. & MATHER,J. D. Stevenson Buchan (1907-1996): field geologist, hydrogeologist and administrator

GRAY,D. A. Groundwater studies in the Institute of Geological Sciences between 1965 and 1977

DOWNING, R. A., EASTWOOD,W. & RUSHTON,K. R. Norman Savage Boulton (1899-1984): civil engineer and groundwater hydrologist

DOWNING, R. A. Groundwater in a national water strategy, 1964-79

HEADWORTH, H. G. Recollections of a golden age: the groundwater schemes of Southern Water 1970 to 1990

BRASSINGTON,E C. Developments in UK hydrogeology since 1974