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V. Mezentsev

Varfolomeï Mezentsev (В.С. Мезенцев) was a Soviet geographer, who worked at the University of Omsk in Siberia.

He was born in 1914 in Priganka (Прыганка Алтайского края) and died in 1997 in Omsk (Омск).

Mezentsev formula[edit]

Mezentsev published his formula in 1955, and continued working on it throughout his life (Mezentsev, 1955, 1982, 1993). He started his analysis from a formula proposed by Bagrov (1953):

dE/dP = 1-(E/E0)^n

The Bagrov formula can be interpreted as follows: when E/E0 is small, i.e., when water is the limiting factor, an increase in precipitation P is integrally transformed into an increase of actual evaporation E. Conversely, when E/E0 approaches 1 (i.e., when water does not limit evaporation) none of the additional P is transformed into E because no more energy is available for evaporation. Bagrov showed that this formula presents the interesting property of integrating into the Oldekop (1911) water balance formula for n=2. For n=1, n=4/3 and n=3/2, Bagrov found analytical solutions, but he could not find a generic solution for all values of n.

Mezentsev (1955) reasoned that in order to find a generic solution, Bagrov's formula could be rewritten as follows:

dE/dP = [1-(E/E0 )^n ]^(1+1/n)

This equation can be integrated analytically and yields:

E/P = 1/[1+(P/E0 )^n ]^(1/n)

This formula is identical to the general formulation proposed by Turc (1954). Based on a set of 35 catchments of the Siberian plain, Mezentsev suggested using the value of 2.3 for parameter n, which is also close to the value chosen by Turc (1954).

Because Turc and Mezentsev formulas are identical and were proposed independently approximately at the same time, the formula is usually referred as "Turc-Mezentsev" in the litterature. It has been sometimes also attributed to much more recent authors such as Hsuen-Chun (1988) or Choudhury (1999).


Historical paper presenting the Mezentsev formula[edit]

  • Mezentsev, V.: Back to the computation of total evaporation (Ещё раз о расчете среднего суммарного испарения), Meteorologia i Gidrologia - Метеорология и Гидрология, 5, 24-26, 1955.

Main Publications[edit]

  • Mezentsev, V.: Hydrological computations for drainage (Гидрологические расчеты в мелиоративных целях), Omsk Agronomical Institute named after Kirov, Omsk, 80 pp., 1982.
  • Mezentsev, V.: Hydrological and climatic bases of reclamation design (Гидролого-климатические основы проектирования гидромелиораций. / Учебное пособие /), Omsk Agronomical Institute named after Kirov, Omsk, 128 pp., 1993.

Other Publications[edit]

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