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Jacob Otnes 1921 (Norway) - 1983 (Oslo, Norway)


Jacob Otnes was born in 1921 in the "eastern valley" of Norway, and studied at the University of Olso where in 1949 he was awarded an MSc for his contribution to the theory of seiches. In 1950 Mr Otnes was appointed hydrologist at the Norwegian Water Resources and Electricity Board and became its Chief Hydrologist in 1961. During his career Mr Otnes served as FAO expert in Tanzania and Syria from 1955 to 1961. Later, WMO benefitted from his scientific knowledge when he became a member of the WMO Commission for Hydrology.

Jacob Otnes was a guiding force behind the nordic countries' participation in all major international hydrology and water resources efforts. Already in the early 1960's, Mr Otnes strongly believed that WMO should be the international organization in the UN system to foster operational hydrology.

Jacob Otnes was president of a number of scientific societies and committees in Norway. He was lecturer and thesis examiner in hydrology both at the University of Oslo and the Technical University of Norway in Trondheim.

During his last years Mr Otnes was keenly interested in gathering old historical hydrological observations and data in Norway. Those who knew Jacob Otnes will remember him not only for his exceptional good humour, but also for his wisdom, strong personality and far-sightedness; in WMO and elsewhere his untiring efforts to the service of hydrology and water resources development will long be remembered.

Hydrological Achievements[edit]

During the sixth intersessional period of Congress (1972-1975), Mr Otnes served as Vice- President of the WMO Advisory Committee for Operational Hydrology (ACOH) that was instrumental in laying the foundation for the present WMO Hydrology and Water Resources Programme. In his capacity as the Director of the Norwegian Hydrological Service, Mr Otnes was the Hydrological Adviser to the Permanent Representative of Norway with WMO.

Among Mr Otnes' many articles and publications one may mention Hydrologi i Praksis (Hydrology in Practice) for which Mr Otnes and Erik Rested were chief editors. It was the first comprehensive book in hydrology in the Norwegian language.

Reference Material[edit]

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Major Publications[edit]

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