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Marcel Roche


Marcel Roche 1924 - 2012


Marcel Roche was Director of the Hydrology Laboratory at ORSTOM and represent France in the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO and the Commission of Hydrology of the world Meteorological Organisation. He was also active in IAHS and served the French National Committeee as Secretary (1972-1980) and then Predident (1981-1989). He was also Secretary and Vive-President of the IAHS Commission for Surface Waters (1971-1983).

Hydrological Achievements[edit]

As well as his contribution to the administration and development of ORSTM and international hydrology, Marcel Roche contributed to the understanding of hydrology in South America and Africa.

Reference Material[edit]

Source: [file:///Users/beven/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/Outlook%20Temp/obituaries/Roche.htm IAHS Obituary]

Major Publications[edit]


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Marcel Roche in the field in the 1970s