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Igor Shiklomanov


Igor A. Shiklomanov 1939 (Tver, Russia) - 2010 (St. Petersburg, Russia)


Professor Igor A. Shiklomanov was born in Tver Region, Russia, on February 28, 1939, studied at Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute, graduated in 1961 as an Engineering Hydrologist and got Doctor of Geographical Sciences on Hydrology and Water Resources at the same institute in 1977. He became a professor of the Institute in 1985 and the Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences on Hydrology and Water Resources in 1991. He has been the Director of the Institute since 1981, preceded by Deputy Director for Science from 1972-81.

Professor Shiklomanov served and has been serving as a member or chair of a numerous number of committees, boards, councils etc. He has been the Deputy Chairman of Russian National Committee for UNESCO IHP since 1990 and served as the Chairman of the Intergovernmental Council for IHP for 1992-94. He has been serving as a key Member of Steering Scientific Committee for GEWEX WCRP since 1992 and was a Lead Author of IPCC WG2 Third Assessment Report 1998-2000. He is now the Chairman of Working Group on Water Resources Commission for Hydrology WMO since 2000 and above all, the Vice-President of International Commission on Surface Water of IAHS since 1999.

His scientific contribution to hydrology was recognised by the 2001 IAHS/UNESCO/WMO International Hydrology Prize.

Hydrological Achievements[edit]

Professor Shiklomanov made contributions in several areas of hydrology including:

Developing the methods, assessing and forecasting human impacts on river runoff and water resources; studying changes in river water inflow and scientific generalisation of measures for solving water problems.

Hydrological generalisation river and water-body hydrology and water resource re-distribution.

Dynamics, forecasting and management of water resources, water use, and water availability regionally and globally.

Hydrological and ecological studies of water systems.

Detailed studies of anthropogenic global climate change effects on hydrology, water resources, and water management problems and developing the necessary adaptation measures. Thus his expertise are most appreciated by the current needs of global assessment of water resources, its availability, needs, development, problems, changes, estimates etc. Indeed he has been serving as the major scientist for collecting and analyzing global water resources data. His first contribution on this subject was an article: Kalinin G.P. and Shiklomanov I.A., Exploitation of the Earth’s water resources, published in the epoch making UNESCO IHP publication "World Water Balance and Water Resources of the Earth" in 1974 which has still been the only reliable world wide assessment of earth freshwater resources.

His recent contributions on freshwater assessment were again conducted under IHP-IV program in 1990-96 and produced reports on "Assessment of the Impact of Climate Variability and Change on Hydrological Characteristics" and "World Water Resources at the Beginning of the 21st Century". They are the most important scientific fact documents serving as the bases of the current water policy planning in the UN agencies and many NGO’s including World Water Vision of WWC. The final publication based on those reports is in press from Cambridge University Press as a book "World Water Resources at the Beginning of the 21st Century" English edited by John Rodda.

Reference Material[edit]

IAHS International Hydrology Prize 2001 awarded to Prof. Igor Shiklomanov

Major Publications[edit]

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