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Viorel Alexandru Stanescu 01.09.1933 – 16.08.2006


After graduating from “Nicolae Balcescu” Highschool in Pitesti, Viorel Alexandru Stanescu studied at the Faculty of Energetics (Bucharest Polytechnic Institute), earning his engineer degree in 1956.

Firstly, he was employed by the Institute of Energetic Studies and Design (I.S.P.E), where he worked as engineer until 1957, when he started working for the Water Estate Committee, joining the “Danube Delta” team of the Institute for Design and Schemes of Hydrotechnics Constructions (I.P.A.C.H.).

In 1960, he was transferred to the Institute of Hydrotechnics Studies and Research (I.S.C.H.), in the recently founded Hydrology department. It was the work he liked best – research. His first promotions occurred there: researcher, main researcher, third degree main scientific researcher.

After the dissolution of the Water State Committee, the coordination of the activity of I.S.C.H., Hydrology department, was transferred to the Institute of Meteorology, the latter becoming the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (I.M.H.).

There, Viorel Alexandru Stanescu proved his research skills. Since his faculty years he had been preoccupied by research, taking active part in the students’ scientific units.

He obtained his Ph.D. in engineering in 1972, with a thesis entitled “The Mathematical Modelling of Critical Flood Waves” and he was promoted to laboratory chief. Due to his studies and research in the domain of Hydrology he gradually earned his place among the elite, that is among those whom will soon probably become the most important Romanian hydrologists of the XXth century: Constantin Diaconu, Dumitru Lazarescu, Valeriu Dumitrescu, Leonard Mustata, Spiridon Blidaru and others, to name just a few of those whom Viorel Alexandru Stanescu was soon to meet and make known to them the latest developments in Romanian Hydrology.

Viorel Alexandru Stanescu was the youngest of them and perhaps this is the reason why he was the most preoccupied and open to the new techniques and technologies which were going to change substantially the science of Hydrology. Keeping up to date with all modern techniques of computation, Viorel Alexandru Stanescu is the founder of the vanguard team in Romanian Hydrology.

His merits were acknowledged. He was rewarded for his activity with the Romanian Academy awards “Emil Racovita” and “Gheorghe Munteanu-Murgoci.” He was a member of honor of the Hungarian Society of Hydrology and the president of the Romanian Association of Hydrology Sciences. Viorel Alexandru Stanescu leaves behind highly valuable studies concerning the mathematical modelling of hydrologic phenomena, the application of mono and multidimensional statistics in Hydrology, the determination of synthetic hydrological parameters and hydrological regions.

As for administration, he was promoted scientific director of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology. Like this, as well as dedicated researcher, Viorel Alexandru Stanescu was able to prove his human qualities, his emotional and intellectual nobility, his creativity and social skills and last but not least, the desire of sharing what he knew and what he did not know, leaving behind valuable followers to whom he has passed down something of his knowledge and more importantly from his passion and dedication.

Hydrological Achievements

He paved the way in the mathematical modelling of hydrologic phenomena, leaving among us valuable followers. He was the one who started in Romania the studies and researches in the domain of climatic changes and their influence on the hydrologic cycle.

Having studied in France and the United States of America, professor at the Faculty of Tehran, associate professor at the University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest, corresponding member of the “Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti” Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Academy, Viorel Alexandru Stanescu became part of the hydrologists’ world elite. He was elected as expert in international organizations and he was coordinator of many international projects.

He published thirteen books, manuals and university courses and over 140 scientific works in Romania and abroad.


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