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Masami Sugawara


Masami Sugawara - 1919 (Japan) - August 12 2011 (Tokyo, Japan)


Dr. Masami Sugawara was a graduate of Department of Physics, University of Tokyo. He worked at University of Nagoya, National Institute of Statistical Mathematics and National Research Center for Disaster Prevention (NRCDP) becoming its director until his retirement in 1975. He was a recipient of 1993 International Hydrology Prize at the Yokohama IASH meeting for his outstanding contribution to hydrology through his rainfall-runoff model the "Sugawara Tank Model".

Hydrological Achievements[edit]

The non-linear Sugawara tank model served as a practical hydrological model in many countries and its excellent use was demonstrated by WMO intercomparison project of hydrological models in 1975. He After his retirement from the Director of NRCDP in 1975, he travelled all over the world and calculated hydrographs of many rivers including the Danube, Vistra and the Yangtze. His Tank may be one of the most widely used models in the world, especially in Southeast Asia.

Reference Material[edit]

Source: IAHS Obituary

International Hydrology Prize awarded to M. Sugawara (in Japanese)

Major Publications[edit]

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