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Jean Tixeront (1901-1984) was a French hydrologist who worked for many years in Tunisia and left a water balance formula bearing his name.

Jean Tixeront


Jean Tixeront studied at Ecole Polytechnique which he joined at the age of 18, and then at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (promo 1924). He spent 36 years working for the administration in Tunisia. In 1946, he became Ingénieur en Chef in charge of urban & rural hydraulics. He returned to France in 1962.

Tixeront's formula[edit]

The name of Tixeront is linked to the following formula, depending on a single parameter m, which links catchment-scale long-term values of precipitation P, streamflow Q, potential evaporation E0 , all in mm/year:

Q = [P^m + E0^m ]^(1/m) - E0

By assuming a watertight catchment (no deep aquifer losses), on can write actual evaporation Ea = P - Q, and Tixeront's formula can be transformed into an actual evaporation formula:

Ea = P+E0 - [P^m + E0^m ]^(1/m)

The most accessible reference for his formula is a paper published in the proceedings of the General Assembly of the IAHS in 1964 (Tixeront, 1964). The formula had been first published in 1958, in the note accompanying a map of mean annual runoff in Tunisia (Berkaloff and Tixeront, 1958). There, the authors give more explanation on their reasoning, stating that two desirable properties of such a formula would be that (i) “when precipitation increases, runoff tends to equal precipitation minus potential evapotranspiration” and (ii) “when precipitation tends towards zero, the runoff to the precipitation ratio tends towards zero.” The above equation is proposed as the “simplest formula satisfying these conditions”. Unfortunately, Tixeront never published the detailed computations that led him to the formula.

Note that Fu published in 1981 in China the same formula, for this reason, Tixeront's formula is often named "Tixeront-Fu formula"

Known publications[edit]

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Reference Material[edit]